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Wednesday, 18 November 2015
14:30 - 16:00 Supply chain models

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Supply chain  
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Room: Belleville

This session investigates the theory and models of procurement and supply chain, and will provide some examples to demonstrate how to optimize wind component costs.

Learning objectives

  • Differentiate procurement and supply chain approaches
  • Understand how technical innovation can lower procurement costs
  • Understand the importance of lifetime costs
This session will be chaired by:
Kirsten Tracht, Director, Bremen Institute for Mechanical Engineering, Germany
Thorsten Landau, Sourcing Manager EMEA, GE, Germany

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Federico D'Amico
Offshore Wind Research Engineer, EDF Energy, United Kingdom
How Purchasing and Supply Management Practices Affect Key Success Factors

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Salla Lutz
Postdoctoral researcher, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark
Reducing LCOE in offshore wind farms through project procurement -The joint challenge of project lifetime -thinking

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