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Thursday, 19 November 2015
17:00 - 18:30 Aerodynamics

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Turbine technology  
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Room: Montmartre

Aerodynamic performance with new designs, modifications on airfoil, simulation and assessment methods.

Learning objectives

  • To identify effects of leading edge modifications on airfoil performance
  • How to design high performance of low lift airfoil families
  • To select new simulation method in aerodynamic design code
  • To better assess aerodynamic loads in wind farms at high wind speeds
  • To assess the difference in aerodynamic characteristics for 2 vs 3 blades rotors on 10MW WTG 
This session will be chaired by: Peter Eecen, ‎Programme Developer Wind Energy, ECN, The Netherlands
Bernard Stoevesandt , Head of Department for Aerodynamics, CFD and Stochastic Dynamics, Fraunhofer/IWES, Germany

Abstract ID: 88 science & research
Chuichi Arakawa
Professor, The University of Tokyo, Japan
Aerodynamic analysis of 10 MW-class wind turbine using CFD

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