Wind farm trip auction

Visit one of Europe’s highest wind farms during EWEA 2013

A trip to visit one of the highest European wind parks will be auctioned off in the run-up to EWEA 2013 in Vienna. The six highest bidders will travel to the snowy peaks of the 1900m Tauernwindpark Oberzeiring on a Skidoo during EWEA 2013. The auction is now open for bids, until Monday 4 February 2013, at 15.00 (CET).

Tauernwindpark Oberzeiring was and is a milestone in the development of wind energy: it was the first high-alpine wind park, and for a long time it was Austria’s largest wind park as well as the highest wind park in the world. The park consists of 13 V66 turbines and produces 45 million kWh/year.

In cooperation with media partner Renewable Energy World, the proceeds of the auction will fund the work of Renewable World, EWEA’s chosen charity, which is tackling poverty in the developing world through renewable energy projects.

Everyone involved in the auction is doing so on a voluntary basis in order to be able to donate all of the collected money to Renewable World. The Skidoo-transport will be offered free of charge by the IMWIND.

How does it work?

To bid, please send an email to auction(at)

If you don’t explicitly ask for it not to be, your name, organisation and offer will be published online.

Your offer has to be higher than the actual highest one on all 6 Skidoos and new bids can only be submitted in 50€ steps. For example: if the highest bid is 250€, your bid will have to be 300€. You can also bid for more than one Skidoo.

The winners of the auction will be announced during the Opening Reception of the EWEA 2013 event on 4 February 2013 in the Vienna City Hall. They will also be notified via email.

When will the trip take place?

The trip to Oberzeiring will take place during the EWEA 2013 event, between 5 and 7 February. From the event, a bus to Oberzeiring will be provided.

The Skidoo will be driven by a professional driver.

In the case that bad weather makes the trip impossible, it will not take place and no replacement date will be suggested.

Nevertheless, every bid will be binding and fully used to support the work of the Renewable World charity.

More information:
EWEA 2013
IG Windkraft
Renewable World


Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday

  • 09:00 Departure at Messe Wien
  • Change to Ski-Doos at Oberzeiring
  • Visit the wind park
  • approx. 17:00 arrival at Messe Wien

Important information:

This trip will only be executed if weather conditions allow a safe journey.
The number of participants is limited to 8 persons.