Wind farm flow and control

Aeolus: modelling and control of large offshore wind farms

Monday, 14 March
13:30 - 15:30
Room 1101A, Brussels Expo

Aeolus: modelling and control of large offshore wind farms

Wind farms are expected to operate like other plants and to deliver quality power at the lowest cost. To this end, a new generation of wind farm control solutions has been developed in the FP7/ICT project Aeolus.

The Aeolus side event was aimed at those involved in designing, developing or operating large offshore wind farms, and control engineers active in wind farm control.

The side event provided participants with an overview of a new generation of wind farm flow models and wind farm control models. In addition, the Aeolus wind farm control solutions were demonstrated to participants.

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AEOLUS - Modeling and control of large-scale offshore wind farms
Thomas Bak, Aalborg University


Wind farm flow modelling

A quasi-steady wind farm flow model in the context of distributed control of the wind farm
Arno Brand, Energy research Centre of the Netherlands

Prediction models for wind speed at turbines in a farm with application to control
Torben Knudsen, Aalborg University


Wind farm control concepts

The wind farm as a power plant
Martin de Maré, Vestas Technology R&D

Supervisory wind farm control strategy
Gerrit van der Molen, Industrial Systems and Control Ltd

Hierarchical wind farm control for power/load optimization
Mate Jelavić, University of Zagreb

Decentralized feed-forward control of wind farms: prospects and open problems
Maxim Kristalny, Lund University


Farm control demonstration

AEOLUS TOOLBOX for dynamic wind farm modeling, simulation, and control
Torben Knudsen, Aalborg University


Summary and outlook

Thomas Bak, Aalborg University



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See you next year in Copenhagen

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