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Renewable energy strategy for Europe

A pan-European platform towards 2020

Tuesday, 15 March
17:30 - 21:00

Venue: La Bibliothèque Solvay
137 rue Belliard
1040 Brussels

For more information please contact:
Alida Speciale speciale(at)aper.it +39 339 471 2037


The concept of national industries is definitely obsolete: there will be no long-term sustainability without a pan-European competitive platform enabled by common legislation.

The fundamental criteria for the adoption of EU directive 28/2009/EU have to be compared among the Member States to see whether it has been a success: some countries, like Spain and Germany, have developed a footprint of their energy model in view of the 2020 targets whereas others, such as Italy, despite the available core-competences and funding for research and innovation in the field, have failed to find a successful industrial strategy.

According to the most recent 2010 Italian data, wind energy registered investments for around 2 billion euro, an important achievement but 18% less than in past years, due not only to the ongoing international crisis but to the growing difficulty in securing access to credit: lowered credibility and stability of the local economy push banks to look for other markets.

Jointly defined policy enabling factors are needed with a flagship initiative leading to a harmonization between the different European energy business-models, targeting a shared industry endgame.

This is a challenge for decision makers who should now take actions to set the new conditions aimed at supporting innovation, industrial competences and the appropriate financing environment in order to quickly bridge the gap between countries.

Taking advantage of the EWEA 2011 event in Brussels, this event compared different national experiences and identify potential actions to move towards a pan-European renewable energy platform.

Programme (download pdf: 209kb)




Introduction: Towards innovation in renewables
Patrizia Toia, Vice-chair, ITRE Committee EU Parliament


The renewable energy value chain in Italy and Europe: the need to close the gap
Roberto Longo, President, APER


Wind energy across the EU: different approaches, different results
Jacopo Moccia, Head of Analysis, EWEA


Targeting 50 GW of wind: the German case history
Mike Moehlheinrich, CEO, NaturEnergie


Providing peak-load for an entire country with wind: the Spanish case
Heikki Willstedt, Energy Policy Director, AEE


Creating a pan-European competitive platform: industrial policy towards 2020
Antonio Tajani, Vice-president EU Commission, Industry and Entrepreneurship


Moderator - Carlo Durante, Board Member, APER



See you next year in Copenhagen!

See you next year in Copenhagen

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