Improving turbine reliability

Optimising design, operation and maintenance for new generations of wind energy systems - EU FP7 Reliawind research results

Tuesday, 15 March
14:00 - 18:00
Room 1101A, Brussels Expo


ReliaWind is an EU FP7 project under Theme 5 Energy, with a total budget of €7.7 million and the participation of 10 partners. The main objective was to lead the development of a new generation of efficient and reliable wind turbines, and to provide practical results for the industry to improve wind turbine design, operation and maintenance.

This event presented the ReliaWind project’s exciting outcomes:

• Empirical analysis of wind turbine reliability
• Design for reliability
• Logical architecture of advanced wind turbine health monitoring systems
• Condition based maintenance tools for wind turbines
• Standardisation of reliability-originated design and maintenance

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14:00- 14:10

Introduction (pdf: 6.1MB)
Professor Peter Tavner, Durham University

14:10- 14:30

Overview of "Optimising design, operation and maintenance for new generation wind energy systems"
Juan Bueno, Gamesa, Spain

14:30- 14:55

Empirical analysis of Wind turbine reliability (pdf: 422 KB)
Dr. Michael Wilkinson, GL Garrad Hassan, UK

14:55- 15:20

Design for reliability - a FMEA study (pdf: 715 KB)
Stefano Barbati, Relex, Italy

15:20- 15:45

Logical architecture of an advanced WTG health monitoring system (pdf: 1.6 MB)
Dr. Zsolt János Viharos, SZTAKI, Hungary

15:45- 16:10

Comfort break / Posters

16:10- 16:35

Condition based maintenance tools for wind turbines and wind farms
Eugenio Gomez, Gamesa, Spain

16:35- 17:00

Standardisation and dissemination of reliability information for wind turbines, and its impact on future EU 2020 wind energy target (pdf: 531 KB)
Professor Peter Tavner, Durham University, UK

17:00- 18:00

Debate: Reliability of wind power
Chair - Thierry d'Estainot, European Commission
Topics to be covered:

  • Results from the ReliaWind Consortium.
  • Current reliability and availability in the field.
  • Collection of reliability information for the industry.
  • Standardisation for reliability in the industry.
  • Cost and benefits of reliability in wind turbine and wind farm design.

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See you next year in Copenhagen

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